1. The Manor house was the home of the baron that was very large. This helped the lord get wealth. They were mainly self sufficient. They kept their animals and food around their house on their property.
  2. The manor system is economic and social system of medieval Europe is when peasants farmed the land and were regulated.
  3. Social justice happened and taxation occurred
(Manor house)
this is a manor house.

Manor System of Feudal Times


Cultural Diffusion
This is a change that has occurred and or a process that which has gone on through out your life.

It is the spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of a behavior to different societies throughout our world.
MANORSpring planting on a French ducal manor in March

Every state had a kpic10.jpging they had rule over there part of land and could do what they wanted.

The Frankish empire is the source of feudalism and the manor system, Frankish empire from Charlemagne

Facts about the Manor System:
The manor system represented a set of rights and obligations between a lord and his serfs. The lord gives his serfs farmland, protection from enemies, and a house to live in. In return the serfs tended the lord’s land, took care of his animals, and performed other activities to maintain the estate. All of the peasants owed the lord certain duties which included at least a few days of labor each week and a portion of their grain.

The manor system was an essential local institution that has general statements concerning it is subject to expectations. It consisted of the division of the land into self-sufficient estates.