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The Growth of Towns and Trade Guilds


The Crusades were religious wars during the Middle Ages. These wars were started to free the Holy Land of Palestine from the Muslim Turks. The European Christians made pilgrimages to the Holy Lands before this, but when the number of pilgrimages made started getting higher the Turks took away pilgrimage rights. The Christians didn't like this, and the pope assisted in launching the first Crusade. The Crusades caused cultural diffusion between European, Turkish, and Asian (Silk Road) traders.

Trade Guilds

Around during midievil times. There was to types of guilds, the guild merchants, who were the earlier guild around durining the 11th and 12th centuries. The later guild was the craft guild who was around during the 12th and 13 centuries.




An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade, or skill, by working along with, watching, and learning from experts.

Commercial Revolution

During the later Middle Ages, trade and towns grew, markets got bigger and more safe, and people started exploring. It was a HUGE change in Europe's economy from the manor system to capitalism, investment, and joint stock companies. It led to lots of trade. Joint stock companies sold stocks, or shares of their company, to investors to raise money. In return the company gave the investors back a share of their profits.

Cultural Diffusion

Cultural diffusion is the spread of ideas from on place to another. Imports are goods that are brought into one place from another, and exports are the goods that are being taken out of one place to go to another place.

The Rise of Trade

Europe change a great deal during the Later Middle Ages. Towns grew and trade increased along with all types of businesses. Powerful rulers of strong nation appeared and new ideas in writing, science, and buildings appeared.

The Growth of European Towns

European towns grew because merchants wanted places to trade (markets), and the population was growing and people needed places to live.


Commercial Revolution
Commercial Revolution

Start of a Small Town

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Advanced Small Town
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Advanced Small Town http://medieval.etrusia.co.uk/images/med_vil_1_lg.jpg